Welcome to Brynmill Park

Always a popular attraction for the local community Brynmill Park began to fall into some disrepair through the 1990s and early years of new millennium. However, Brynmill Park is steadily being recreated and improved thanks to the hard work of the Swansea City Council Park Officers and generous grants provided by the Heritage Lottery fund.

The Park is fun for all ages, but is especially fun for youngsters, check out the Park activity for youngsters at Junior Park Rangers  for loads of events and activities at Brynmill and the other parks in Swansea!

Latest News:


Those nice people in Uplands Costa Coffee have organised a collection to raise money for some Easter eggs for our Easter event.

Theres a box near the till for contributions :-)


Easter is coming and of course we're going celebrate at the Park;


And there is more great news!

The Welsh Church Act Fund has awarded the FOBP £2000 to top up our funds for events and equipment! Again, we're very fortunate and full marks must go to the committee and those individuals who fill out all the applications forms and spend their time and energy in researching how to make succesful applications.

What is the Welsh Church Act Fund?  It is a charitable trust, independent of public authorities, the purpose of which is to make grants of a philanthropic nature for a wide-range of purposes such as social and recreational facilities.

We're In The Top Three!

Remember we asked you all to take part in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 vote?

Well, you did us proud! Our Treasurer Allan Jeffery has received a letter from Lloyds Bank telling us that Brynmill Park has been rated 3rd in Swansea by community votes!

Here is their message;

"During the public vote, nearly 1.5 million votes were cast across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. We have now counted the votes cast in our Lloyds Bank branches and added these to the online, Twitter and SMS votes. We can now confirm the final voting results in Swansea were as follows:     Total votes in Swansea: 11561

Organisation Name

Rank in Swansea

% of votes in Swansea

Amount awarded

Ty Olwen




Mumbles First Responder Team




Tom Morgan's Friends of Brynmill Park




CUSP Swansea




Check out the Lloyds Community Fund website for more details. "

Its a great result for all concerned, and for the Park especially as it shows just how dear it is to the hearts of the people of Swansea.

It means we can carry on planning to give you all some great times at events in the Park and hopefully get even more people to visit this charming site.

THANK YOU to all who voted for us.

Great News for all users of Brynmill Park!

Thanks to the determined efforts of FOBP group member Norman McCarley, Brynmill Park has had its future secured from any threat of development!

Fearing for the future of the Park in these uncertain times, Norman approached the 'Fields in Trust' organisation (formally the National Playing Fields Association) and secured their expertise in establishing the status of the park as a protected space.

A deed of declaration has been drawn up between the City and Council of Swansea and the Fields in Trust organisation establishing the Park as a protected space now known as the “Queen Elizabeth II Field, Brynmill Park”.

Information on the Fields In Trust can be found here:

A plaque has been erected in the Park to commemorate this event. If you want more information please contact us via the methods on our "get in touch" link or come and join us in our monthly meeting at the Brynmill Community Centre which occur on the last Tuesday of every month.


The Friends of Brynmill Park group organised a collection of vouchers for the Evening Post competition which posted a fund of £20,000 to be divided by fifty community groups. Thanks to the efforts of the Brynmill and Uplands communities, local traders and our members, we secured a share of £329.77!

We are delighted to receive this amount to put towards community events in Brynmill Park. We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to those whose great response largely contributed to the number of tokens collected.

It was certainly a project which drew the community together and reflects the fondness you all have of Brynmill Park and your appreciation for all our past events.

Thanks to the huge efforts of the Friends Of Brynmill Park committee, especially Ann Jones (our secretary), the National Lottery's Big Lottery Fund

has awarded the park a grant of £2665 to fund our events and promotions!



Thanks to the huge efforts of the Friends Of Brynmill Park committee, especially Ann Jones (our secretary), the National Lottery's Big Lottery Fund

has awarded the park a grant of £2665 to fund our events and promotions!


This is what we were hoping for on the 6th.... these are some of our committee members having a rehearsal.


Our Jubilee Day on June the 9th has been cancelled. We're bitterly disappointed but the ground is just too wet to deal with.

And as the weather for the next 24 hours looks set to be very bad we've had to accept advice to postpone the event.

We're going to try again on September the 8th.

Our calenders are now on sale! If you live locally in Brynmill you'll have seen them about in various outlets. You can also find them in Waterstones (priced at £5.99) in Swansea. Or you can get in touch with us here on our contacts page to order one and we'll post one out to you!


 Many thanks to CEM Day Ltd!

  The giant motor concern held a charity golf tournament at the Pontardawe golf course and very kindly donated £100 to the FOBP group, thanks for your kind generosity guys!


A message from Jan, our Membership Secretary;

Recently we held a “Poems in the Park” event, when a local Welsh poet, Clare Potter, was engaged to take groups of school children around the park, encouraging them to write about what they were seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. Some of poems produced by eight to nine year-old Brynmill Primary schoolchildren are now on display in the Park’s Discovery Centre. Do go along and have a look if you can. They are amazing!


Unfortunately, we could not find the resources this year to hold a summer Fun Day. We were really sorry to disappoint the many people who were looking forward to it and will try hard to find the means to put one on next year.


Brynmill Park gets national coverage!!  Have a look at this link;

lottery fund

Its your Park!

Want to stage an event or happening?

Got an idea for a happening?

Tell us: Please get in touch via this web page or drop a note into the suggestion box in the discovery centre and

we'll probably be able to make your ambitions come true!

 Oral History Project.

Have you got any memories of the Park?

Do you drift away into a warm glow of nostalgia when you remember your Mum or Dad taking you to see the old menagerie or going to feed the ducks on a Sunday afternoon?

Did you and your beloved sneak away for a crafty snog amongst the flower beds?

Want to share ( be careful if its the latter sort ) those memories?

If so we're going to launch an oral history program to record all these precious moments. We have got ourselves a digital voice recorder (thanks to those grants mentioned below) and we're going to start a collection of verbal histories which we can store and use (maybe we can stream them from this web site) so everybody can share your experiences of the Park. Contact us via this site's 'contact' page and tell us all.... We promise not to sell it to one of the tabloids, honest!

Grant Applications

Tom Morgans Friends of Brynmill Park have managed to secure a number of grants to allow us to continue to promote the use of the Park for recreational and educational uses. We were fortunate in securing money from the 'Tidy Towns' organisation that will allow us to purchase liability insurance for a number of events during the next year. They've also provided kit for keeping the park tidy. Feel free to volunteer to help use this kit!

Other monies are in the pipeline and our plans include the purchase of small public address system and a digital voice recorder so we can record peoples memories of the park from the past to the present. Again, if this is of interest to you, please get in touch!

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Get involved!

Tom Morgans Friends of Brynmill Park get together regularly to help maintain the park and improve facilities. We’d love to hear from you whatever you can offer, which may include time, skills and ideas.

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Upcoming Events

Its Easter soon!

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